Nicole Breer & Megan Nichols

About Me
Nicole Breer

My name is Nicole Breer and I was born and raised in Southern Illinois, living in the quiet, secluded woods. I am married to my wonderful husband and my life revolves around my family and my dogs. I attended college and majored in Occupational Therapy Assistant. What inspired me to choose Occupational Therapy was the condition of my parents health. I decided that helping others who had health conditions like my parents would be a rewarding career. Many times people call all therapy “Physical Therapy”. Occupational Therapy is actually a unique career. It involves helping patients recover, develop, improve, and maintain skills needed for daily living and working. We can work across the lifespan from children to geriatric. We work in many setting including schools, clinics, hospitals, long term care, etc. Our job is full of creativity and educating others on how to do tasks. I have decided to start blogging because I enjoy writing “How To’s” and educating others on topics that can make life easy peasy! Can you blame me for loving to do this? It is kind of my job and it is a fun job at that! My goal is to make life easier for others through advice, education, and the inspiration. 

Megan Nichols

How is life easier with faith? My name is Megan Nichols and I have always loved to spread God’s word and shine his light for others to see. I have decided to start blogging with my sister and sharing my experiences of how God has impacted my life. I am so excited to start sharing my inspirational, religious, and all around happy posts.  As a daughter of parents who have dealt with illnesses for many years, life for my family can be rough at times.  Staying positive and putting all of my worries in Gods hands has helped my family and I tremendously through these difficult times. Are you ready to take the step in making your life easier? It is always a goal for me to help others and make their life “easy peasy” by doing good deeds, socializing with them, brightening their day with pleasant comments, and showing the positive affects of my faith because Jesus paid it all so all to him I owe.