How To Eat Healthier At A Restaurant

Healthy Eating

I love going out to eat but you always hear about how unhealthy it is. Does eating at a restaurant or even eating fast food have to be unhealthy? I think not. Almost all fast food places and restaurants offer a salad or even grilled chicken. If you are watching your carbs you can order a salad and a grilled chicken sandwich (just take off the bun). Going out to eat does not have to be unhealthy, you just have to make smart decisions and do your research on the food options you are wanting to eat. Below I’ve listed three helpful ways to help you choose healthy food over unhealthy food.

1. Look Online for Restaurants in Your Area.

The first thing that I do is look up “top rated restaurants near me” and scroll through Google to see if I can find a yummy place to eat. Every restaurant has some sort of healthy options for your meal and sides. For example, when I think of Olive Garden I think of CARBS. Of course Olive Garden has yummy breadsticks and pastas that are carb loaded but they also have some healthy options. For instance, taste of the Mediterranean on the Olive Garden menu has many options from chicken to salmon. You also get a salad as an appetizer included with your meal which is a great, delicious plus! Restaurants like Olive Garden are on my top favorite places to go because the salad is unlimited and there are so many healthy options for any diet.

2. Before Going, Look Over The Menu. 

Research some of your favorite restaurants to see what is on their menus. Depending on your diet, a low carb and higher protein options may be what to look for. These options will keep you fuller longer and are still delicious without the excess sugar and carbs. Many times you can find the restaurants menu on their website. If you cannot find it there, check these menu websites out,,

3. Already Have Your Meal Picked Out Before You Go.

Pick out what you are going to eat before you go. It keeps you from wanting to order something else. If you already have it picked out then there is no need to look at the menu when you get there. I always pick out what I am going to eat before I go but I have a hard time not looking at the menu when I get there. I always think,  “I misewell eat what I want because we are eating out”. Then I go back and forth on what to do and usually, if I go this route, I pick the unhealthy choices. In my experience, it is easier to choose your meal before you go.

Going out to eat does not have to be unhealthy. Most restaurants have some sort of “healthy friendly” menu that provides many options to those looking for a nutritious meal. You can still enjoy eating out with friends and family and choosing healthier options by following the three steps above.

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