How To Survive College

Get Organized. This is a huge step to surviving college. Have a planner and set goals. There are all types of organization apps that you can use if you would rather be digital then use a paper planner. Have a different folder and/or little binder for every class. Keeping your documents in one place can help you find what you need when you need it quickly. Less stress = the best 😁

Understanding What Plagiarism Is. “Plagiarism is the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language, creative works, and/or thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one’s own original work, as by not crediting the author”, (Adapted from: Plagiarism is know as stealing. It is stealing someone else’s words, work, or ideas and not giving them credit for it. It can get you in big trouble with your professors and the college.

Keep in Close Contact With Your Professors. Your Professors are the ones that know the materials that you are learning. Most of the time, their tests and assignments are created by them. If you have questions or need clarification you need to contact your professor. It also shows that you are interested in being successful in their class and they will be more willing to help you. I had many wonderful professors who were always willing to help but I also showed that I wanted to succeed in their classes.

Make Friends In Your Classes. Making friends in your classes can be very beneficial to your grades. You can study together and help each other with questions on assignments. You can also just have fun with these friends. I know having close friends in my college program really helped me through it. We all knew exactly what eachother was going through and that is the best kind of support.

Use a Planner! Keep track of your assignments and their due dates. A planner helped me tremendously during my college years. I went through my assignment due dates for the year when the semester first began and wrote them down in my calendar/planner. I always tried to stay at least a week ahead of my assignments. Yes, I had them finished a week before the due date. I know sometimes its not possible. Some teachers will not let you work ahead in their classes but some do! This system allows for less stress.

Study. Read, Read, Read! You cannot just read the information but you must understand it. I know what really helped me was writing notes. Highlighting the main points and writing down where you found it can really help.

Lastly, Take Time For Yourself. You have to breath! Get a coffee, watch Netflix, just chill on the couch. Do something other then focus on school for a day or even a weekend.

College doesn’t have to be extremely stressful. Do not let it overwhelm you. You will survive it! There is also an article on “Seven Tips For Surviving College” that you can access by clicking here. This article also has helpful information to help your survive college.

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