How To Survive The Progesterone Injection

When I received my progesterone in oil needles, I freaked out. I received them way before I had to use them but it is a shot that I truly dreaded. I absolutely hate needles. It has quite the length and thickness but if you get it in the rights spot, it typically isn’t bad.

Progesterone, In Oil

First and Foremost- Stay Calm

I know it is hard to not have anxiety over that needle, especially if you are terrified of needles like me. I admit I did cry and so did my husband. I laid on my stomach in bed wishing that we didn’t have to do it. I realized that we had to take a deep breath. I also began to joke how I have had a nose ring (if you have never had one, they poke a needle clear through your nose slowly) and I have had my eyeliner tattooed on. When I realized that I laughed and said, “What the heck am I afraid of when I voluntarily done all of that?”. My advice is to focus on something else when it is shot time. I focused on laughing at myself for being so silly.

Buy Numbing Cream

Everyone is different but this was a must for me! It truly helped and the kind I used was Ebanel 5% Lidocaine. You can find it here on amazon for $16.50! You do not use a lot of it so it should last awhile. My husband applied it to the area and then we put plastic wrap over it to help it stay on and soak in. We left it on for 45 minutes to an hour. It numbed it very well and I did not feel the needle. I would say this is my biggest tip! You can also use ice to numb it but I have heard mixed reviews on that. The area really needs to be warm because the oil flows better when it is warm.

Mark You Areas

It took us a little bit to find the correct administration site. They say if you put you hands on your hips, it is where your thumb lands on your backside. We tried this and drew and square around the area. It is a big area but also is small when you are trying to located the exact spot. We used a permanent marker and remarked it everyday before shot administration because it would kind of wash off after my shower.

Get a Heating Pad Ready For Afterwards

I feel like this helped let the oil flow smoothly and reduce my risk for developing bulges under my skin. I had read many articles of woman who get bulges under the skin from the progesterone in oil collecting in that spot. It was said to use a heating pad for about 5 minutes after your shot to avoid this and I never had bulges so it must have worked for me. I also heard the bulges are painful so I wanted to eliminate that possibility.

You are done!

See it isn’t that bad. Honestly, if you do hit the wrong area it still feels like a little pinch deep beneath the skin. I read and read and read before the day came when I had to do the shot. I wanted to know everyone’s reaction to it and how bad the needle hurt. I now realize I freaked out for no reason. The only thing that became difficult was doing it at the same time every night. Take a minute and breath. You can do this! I promise you it is all worth it in the end! Check out my article on the process of my IVF cycle here.

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