One Day At A Time: Struggles

One Day At A Time: Struggles

Struggles. We are never promised tomorrow, live everyday like it’s your last but live a life pleasing to God. I have always said in any situation to give it your all because anything can change in the blink of an eye.

Everyone is thrown struggles in life, some worse than others. I myself have been through some of my own personal struggles. I was always an athletic person, playing the sports I loved.

I played off and on from 5th grade year to my 8th grade year with a messed up ACL, but little did I know, my 8th grade basketball season would have been my last, and my last volleyball game was on President’s Day my 8th grade year. I was ill, I fell and severely bruised my cerebellum.

I was judged . . . I was knocked down . . . I was talked about . . . I was pointed out in crowds. Do you know what this taught me though? After 2 years, when I finally got rid of the glasses and the cane that I used due to my head injury, I realized that it is not me or anyone, who should be judging or making fun of others for any reason. You never know what someone is going through. You could be the person who goes through the hardship next.

Not one person knows what YOU go through every single day of your life but YOU. Until they walk in your shoes or until they have something like that happen to them, they don’t know. I have come so far in this journey, but what is still there?

✳ The pain i deal with constantly

✳ My heart hurting from being knocked down and made fun of. That is something that someone never forgets.

✳ The sadness of not being able to play sports, seeing your sister out on the court wishing you were right beside her playing. That hurts.

✳ Never being the same person I used to be, not being able to do things I used to.

I could go on for hours, but ONE THING that is still there that will never left? ONE THING that helped me have strength through it all, when i thought I had no strength left?


He never left me, he never made fun of me, because he knew what I was going through and what I continue to go through. GOD LOVES EVERYONE! No matter your size, your abilities or disabilities, your skin color, and even if you are a terrible person or not, he still loves you. He has hope that you will change and follow him. He is my rock and I couldn’t live without him.

So next time you think to yourself that you want to give up, everyone hates you, and all people do is make fun of you . . . just stop and take a moment to really think.

1. There are still good people out in the world.

2. But most importantly God will always be there for you through the Good and the Bad.

Focus on being that better person. Be the one to put a smile on others faces & please God. Why tear someone else down when you can bring them up?

Spread the word of God to others. Bring good and joy into the world. Check out my article, The Lord Is My Strength.


Edited by: Nikki Breer

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