Sometimes You Have To Choose You

Some may call you selfish, some may judge you for what you choose but sometimes you have to do what is best for you. Focusing on yourself sometimes is not selfish, it is healthy. If we do not take time to make sure we are okay, how are we suppose to function and even contribute to society? I have come to find that if I do not take time for myself every once in awhile, I become uninterested in everything. All in all you could say that I become a little depressed.

You Are Not Selfish!

How can you take time for yourself? How can you focus on yourself when there are many that relies on you everyday? Choosing you does not have to be hard. You may be a parent, a student, work a full time job, volunteer, etc., or all of the above. Take a bubble bath, read a book away from others, take a ride on the side by side (my favorite), go for a hike, do something that is relaxing to you. Even it is for a couple of hours. Find time! Take time! Everyone can take time out of their life every once in awhile to focus on themselves.

You Can’t Show Love Until You Love Yourself

Taking time for yourself can help you appreciate who you are. It allows you to clear your head and focus on YOUR happiness. When you love yourself and boost your happiness, it is easier to show compassion for others. When I am stressed at work (sometime I am constantly stressed at work just like many of you are I am sure) it is hard for me to show compassion. If you are unhappy, how can you make others happy? Take time for yourself and learn to love yourself. You can ALWAYS find time! Make it a priority. Act as though you have an appointment . . . alone . . . for an extended amount of time. You will feel better afterwards and your mood will improve. Check out this article on How To Stop Self-Sabotaging. It has some great information on how to minimize activities that can be mentally draining. This can help you to focus more on your mental health and create a happier, healthier life.

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