The Top 5 Qualities Of A Fake Friend

The Top 5 Qualities Of A Fake Friend

Qualities Of A Fake Friend

1. You Only Hear From Them When They Need Or Want Something.

Do they contact you when they need a favor? Money? Free rides? Free food? Relief from loneliness or boredom? If this is all you can offer them then they may be a fake friend. Your friend should always want to hang around you whether you have a lot to offer or not.

2. They Wont Listen To You. They Wont Be There For You.

Do you try to vent about your problems and they completely ignore them? Do they interrupt you while you are trying to vent so they can talk about their own problems? A true friend is concerned about you and wants to hear about your problems. They want to help you solve your problems. This is because they CARE about you.

3. They Don’t Accept You For Who You Are.

They may think you are “weird” or want you to hide that they even hang out with you. Your friend should accept you for who you are whether you are funny, emotional, extrovert, introvert, adventurous, confident, optimistic, etc. We all have different personalities and we all react to situations differently but a true friend will accept you no matter what.

4. They Will Speak Poorly Of You When You’re Not Around.

A true friend will not spread rumors or talk badly about you. They will stand up for you and not let others run your name through the mud. A true friend should care about you so if they truly care, they will never talk badly about you.

5. They Will Disappear When Someone “More Interesting” Shows Up.

Do they frequently cancel plans with you the last minute because other plans came up? You should always be a priority in their life! A fake friend may choose you last . . . always. You should never be a second choice or only needed when they want you around.

True Friends Are Out There

True friends are not easy to find so when you do find one, they are worth holding on to! Check out the article Live Your Life To The Fullest to inspire you to be the best that you can be!

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