Top Ten Signs That He Is The Love Of Your Life

Top Ten Signs That He Is The Love Of Your Life

1. He Does The Little Things

It’s the little things that count. The sweet text messages he sends, the surprise visits, the phone calls, and the gift of his presence. Sometimes the little things a man does in your life means the most.

2. He Makes You Happy Beyond Words

His sweet words, his smile, everything about him makes you happy, and everything about you makes him happy. You cannot begin to describe how you really feel because he makes you are feel so much 😍 Love is such a strong word that means so much more then just happiness.Check out the article Live Life To The Fullest. We are only here once so choose to live life with happiness by ensuring you find the love of your life.

3. You Grow Stronger In Your Faith As A Couple

What is better than two Christians becoming a couple and growing their life together? God put you together to show others what true love is. What a Christ-like relationship should be. What faithfulness and getting through the struggles together looks like. Your love for God gets stronger because you and him are helping each other’s faith.

4. You Can Feel It In Your Heart And Even Your Stomach

Feeling butterflies in you stomach is real! You will feel it deep within your heart. It is a feeling that is hard to describe. You feel peace, you feel happiness. You are comfortable acting yourself around him and you can talk about anything.

5. He Always Makes Time For You No Matter What

You will be able to feel when a man is committed. He stands beside you, takes care of you, does tasks or work for you without having to be asked. He always makes time to hang out or even for a phone call because he cares. He puts the effort and time into the relationship because he wants a future with you.

6. He Makes You Feel Loved And Appreciated

He wants you to know that you are his only, that you are beautiful with or without makeup. Whether you are all dressed up or in your pj’s. No other girl is attractive besides you. You are his ONE and his eyes are on YOU.

7. He Brings Out The Best In You

He always pushes you to be your best. Maybe when you feel like you are slipping down the slope he is there to pull you back up. He makes the bad days better and never puts you down for any reason at all. He should not talk bad about you but, instead, he should stand up for you.

8. Provides Unconditional Support

Bad day or a good day, pain or no pain, sad or happy. He is always there to support you no matter what. You and him go through everything TOGETHER. You communicate about everything, and you build trust through it all.

9. He Is Your Best Friend

This is important! Do you feel like you can go to him with anything? Do you enjoy being around him? Are you always talking and laughing with him? Having a boyfriend/husband and a best friend all in one is a wonderful gift and it makes the days easier.

10. He Shows You Love

It’s the kisses on the cheek or the forehead, when he holds your hand, when you go on walks, when you always want to spend time with him and he never gets annoying. The sweet things he says all the time, and out of the blue that light up your face with a smile that never goes away. Almost everyone goes through at least one relationship before they find their soulmate and sometimes more than a few. You will go through learning experiences to build up to find the one, your true love.

When Love Is Real It Finds A Way

Author: Megan Nichols

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